Terms and Conditions

Terms of Use

A Stern Glance values the privacy of those that provide their information to the Company. This Policy summarizes the personally identifiable information that we may collect and how we might use it. The Policy also describes other crucial topics related to information privacy.

Information Collection

A Stern Glance will only collect personal information that is identifiable for instance company name, title, name, telephone number, address, or email address. That information should have been voluntarily provided via our website or email correspondence.

A Stern Glance will collect information that is general for instance the type of browser used, domain name, a nation which requests information and the files sought to make our website better and meet the customer needs.

Use of Information

We will provide explanations for the possible use of personally identifiable information before we collect it. The information supplied to A Stern Glance will be used to respond to questions, supply information that is requested about our products and services or track orders placed with A Stern Glance. Third Parties that are authorized may be used by a Stern Glance to process, track or collect such information.

Contact us if you would like any personal information that you have submitted electronically to A Stern Glance to be removed or modified. We shall use reasonable efforts to be compliant with your request.

Any marketing communications sent by A Stern Glance will contain an automatic opt-out link at the bottom of each information. By selecting and confirming the link, you may elect yourself from further informational collection.

Internal Information Sources

A Stern Glance is the sole owner of the information collected from its employees and applicants for employment.

A Stern Glance will not share or sell this information with third parties in whatever form other than the manner prescribed in the privacy policy statement.

A Stern Glance only collects personal data that is relevant and crucial to legitimate human resources and business functions.

Personal information that is collected by A Stern Glance from employees and applicants for employment is maintained at its corporate offices.

A Stern Glance doesn’t make requests or gather information regarding political opinions, religion, philosophy, religion, union membership or sexual preferences.

A Stern Glance maintains information on an individual’s health as is legally required of employees and applicants of employment but doesn’ t disclose it to third parties.


A Stern Glance is very committed to protecting personal information from misuse, disclosure, alteration, unauthorized access, destruction or loss. We take all precautions to safeguard the confidentiality of personal information.


A Stern Glance conforms to the US Department of Commerce Safe Harbor Principles via self – assessment. In case we are unable to resolve any issue concerning our compliance, we will contact the relevant Data Protection Authorities to resolve the complaint expeditiously.

Updating or Correcting Information

ny employee who wants to review or update their personal information can do so by contacting the Human Resource Department.

Copyright Notice and Terms of Use

Permission to apply documents such as product information, press releases, fact sheets or FAQs from this server is granted, as long as the A Stern Glance copyright notice appears in all the copies.