Practice Areas

Public Relations

The analysis of trends and predicting their consequences; counseling senior management; and implementing structured communications programs that communicate coherently to the client’s target audiences, while taking advantage of ad hoc public relations opportunities as they arise. For more, see Setting Communications Objectives, PR Firms-Caveat Emptor and Selecting a PR Firm.

Crisis Communications

The rapid assessment of the key elements of a crisis situation and development of a strategy with associated tactics to mitigate that situation. For more, see Crisis Crisis Communications, Our Way.

Financial Communications

A strategic, structured and comprehensive approach to communicating a client’s business plan, strategy and financial position to the financial community and key financial and associated publics. For more see Investor Relations.

Litigation Support

The development and implementation of strategic communications support for positioning in the media, as well as other key publics of clients’ positions in high profile litigation.

Media Relations

The continuing development of relationships with a broad range of selected media to ensure that our client’s messages and positioning are appropriately communicated to obtain maximum impact on targeted key publics. 

Public Affairs

Public opinion creates public policy and the nature of public relations is to assess and influence public opinion. Stern and Company provides the design of strategic programs to assure that its clients’ positions on public issues are effectively communicated to key decision makers at all levels of government.

Business-to-Business Communications

The provision of appropriate communications to a client’s key business constituencies and development of positioning to elevate or maintain a client as an industry leader in its peer group; in the local business community and in the national business community.

Community Relations

The fulfillment of a client’s obligation to be a responsible corporate citizen through participation by management and employees in targeted community programs, events and issues.