Five Reasons Why Slack Is the Fastest-Growing App for Business Right Now

Slack is a platform which allows for communication among a group of individuals, and it has witnessed broad adoption among co-workers as well as businesses. It provides for secure communication and collaboration among a group of individuals, and this is among its strengths that allow for broad adoption.

Slack has witnessed fast growth since it has been able to carve out users from other similar platforms. Further, it has also focused on a set of features that make messaging efficient, and leveraging these features to attract and retain customers and a user base.

It Is a Secure Platform

Many folks today are very conscious when it comes to their security, and this has created a trend where many individuals are opting for secure communication channels. Slack offers a stable platform where people can exchange ideas, pass messages and follow up on conversations.

Slack also ensures confidentiality by providing features channels where you can have conversations about select topics or projects. Secure private channels also allow for confidential communication between two users or a few team members.

Slack Is Simple to Use

In the enterprise messaging apps arena, Slack stands out from other apps, thanks to its simplicity. The mainstay of Slack is internet messaging, and many business outfits have different messaging apps which they use for internal communication.

Since its inception in October 2012, Slack has undergone a series of modifications and improvements. At its core, Slack organizes conversations into channels, and also offers a section for direct messaging. This simplicity in structure and organization has prompted many companies to adopt it for internal business communication.

Slack has a simple and interactive user interface, and this makes it easy to understand and use. The fact that you can follow up on conversations on different devices by performing a simple synchronization makes the app a valuable tool for daily office and enterprise communications.

Communications is a central part of any business, and the team at Stern and Company can help your business to improve their communications strategy by leveraging the power of Slack.

A Focus on Key Features

A vital strength of the Slack messaging app is its focus on core features that allow it to stand out from different messaging apps. Many messaging apps and email platforms in the market have areas where they have capitalized on to attract new customers. In the same vein, Slack has developed a set of crucial features that make it efficient in its own right. Perfecting key features is what has propelled Slack to become one of the fastest-growing messaging app for business. A keen focus on search, synchronization and file sharing have enabled Slack to fill a niche in the market.

The search function in Slack allows users to locate particular words within massive conversations. This feature enhances the process of retrieving information, and this bodes well with business and enterprise use.

The synchronization feature auto-updates conversations in your devices, and this allows users to follow up on conversations they left sometime back.

In today’s advanced age, file sharing in business and enterprise has become the order of the day. From spreadsheets to notices, there is a lot of communication that happens in today’s industry. This makes the file sharing feature in Slack a resourceful tool since it enables fast dissemination of information.

Seamless Integration With Other Apps

In this connected world, there is nothing more appealing to users than applications and software that allow for seamless integration with other applications. From E-mail services like Gmail to Microsoft Office Products, applications that will enable integration with other apps are gaining extensive usage and adoption.

Slack enables integration with Google Drive, Google Calendar, Salesforce, Dropbox, GrowthBot, and Trello; and this increases the ease with which various users can access data from other apps in real time. Slack is a very productive app, and this is what makes it a fast-growing app in the business and enterprise arena.

Initial Users Have Helped Slack Grow

In its early stages in March 2013, Slack was already taking shape. However, the team was the primary user of the messaging application. This prompted Slack to look for more users who would incorporate the app in their day to day operations. Rdio and Cozy were the initial target companies, and the process was smooth with Rdio which saw much of its workforce incorporate the messaging app in their communications.

The release of the beta version of in August 2017 allowed Slack to position themselves in the industry. They offered request invitations to people, and this boosted the uptake at its infant stage. This initial user base has helped Slack to grow over time, and this explains why it continues to be the fastest-growing business app today.

In summary, Slack is growing at a breakneck rate thanks to its simplicity, efficiency and the freemium model. The ease with which users can share information on the platform only makes it gain extensive usage and adoption in the enterprise world.