Business Management Leadership


Managing a business requires the skills and expertise of a good leader. With the right organizational structures in place, a business can quickly become successful. The structure cannot be implemented without a workforce. This paper aims at describing the major types of organizational structures and providing insight into ways that businesses can maintain a quality workforce.

Types of Organizational Structures

Functional. Here, the company is split on a specialty basis. It consists of coordination, supervision and task allocation. In such an organization, a particular team will be tasked with marketing while another deals with accounting. Individuals concentrate on one activity thus they can efficiently complete tasks. However, conflicts are likely to arise due to miscommunication between departments.

Matrix. This structure largely relies on teamwork. Teams of employees are formed such that they can work on a complementary basis. In this way, employees capitalize on each other’s strengths and make up for any weaknesses. There is cooperation across the company. The dark side dictates that there is a lot of confusion in defining individual responsibility and jurisdiction.

Maintaining Quality Workforce

Prospective employees consider the working environment before applying for a job. For companies to attract employees, they need to ensure that the workplace is friendly on the employees. After the organization gets these employees, the next step is developing their skills so that they are relevant to the firm. It can be done by involving and engaging them in activities. They should be allowed to participate in decision making and contribute ideas that are beneficial to the company.

No firm desires to lose employees who have been trained as this is a major setback for them. For that reason, companies need to maintain their workforce. The best way to do this is to create a retention plan for employees that are assets to the enterprise. For example, a company can decide to offer a host of career development tools that are unheard of in other firms.


In a nutshell, organizations should choose structures that work in their favor. Companies also need to pay attention to their employees. Without a motivated workforce, it is hard for an organization to achieve its goals. For that matter, structure and workforce need to go hand in hand.