About Stern And Company

Stern And Company, a Las Vegas public relations firm, develops and implements strategic corporate communications programs for its clients. Its professionals have senior level, long tenured experience as journalists in either the major media or as senior level communications executives at the nation’s leading public relations agencies or major corporations. This blog serves as Stern And Company’s primary website. Please note the sidebar to learn more about Stern And Company, as well as the continuation of this post.

Stern And Company’s practice comprises corporate strategies, marketing communications, investor relations, public relations, crisis communications, media relations and litigation support.

With a staff of experienced senior executives, Stern And Company assesses issues and situations with an alacrity not manifested by traditional firms. We respond with strategic, tailored corporate communications programs that help our clients reach their business objectives.

Our mission and objective:

To provide the most effective public relations strategies and services under a fee structure that provides substantially greater cost efficiencies than are available through comparable firms.

Our broad experience allows us to provide our clients with substantive, insightful, effective communications campaigns. Virtually all of our professionals have been journalists, responsible for financial and economic coverage with various major media, including The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, Reuters, The Washington Star and Dow Jones News Service. Our coverage included the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Federal Reserve, Congress, the Treasury, the White House, as well as a broad range of industries. In the corporate world, our executives held senior communications positions in several Fortune 100 companies.

It is that experience, combined with substantive research, that allows Stern And Company professionals to design for its clients the most effective communications strategies, from a proactive position, or, as is frequently necessary, from a reactive position.

The speed with which we are able to generate assessments and develop effective public relations strategies and programs is critical. This dispatch is often the difference between the success and failure of a public relations campaign. Moreover, our alacrity generally translates directly into cost efficacies for our clients.

In short, we have been, from the outset, a firm with a concentration of experience, insight, creativity and focus that we believe to be unparalleled in this industry. Our access to the news media, the financial community and government is profound and tenured. Our utilization of those key publics is carefully and strategically measured to provide the strongest, long term advantages for our clients.